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scalp micropigmentation

The fastest growing hair loss solution of modern times, scalp micropigmentation remains the only permanent remedy with 100% guaranteed results for both men and women.

Unlike traditional options like hair transplant surgery, wigs and drug-based therapies, SMP is instantaneous, requires very little day to day maintenance and is as permanent as you want it to be.

Our lead scalp artist Anthony Valle has a growing portfolio and specializes in ultra-natural results. After your treatment your appearance will be so flawless, you might not even tell your closest friends or relatives about your procedure. Our task is to produce an undetectable illusion of real hair, so you can move forward with renewed confidence.

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Lead microblading technician Nataly Castillo is one of the most recommended and requested microbladers in the state of New Jersey.

Beyond just artistic ability, Nataly truly understands skin and produces exceptional work from a position of knowledge. This deep appreciation of skin physiology and anatomy enables Nataly to anticipate exactly how your procedure will heal, and ultimately facilitates better and more predictable results. It is this peace of mind that brings so many clients to Scalp And Brows NJ, from both within New Jersey and from out of state.

about our microblading service
scalp micropigmentation

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