Why Choose
Scalp & Brows NJ?

The fastest growing answer to hair loss in recent memory, scalp micropigmentation is taking the world by storm and has become the go-to treatment for modern and stylish men and women.
Replicating the appearance of fine, close-cut hair, scalp micropigmentation, often referred to as SMP or a hair tattoo, this procedure simulates the appearance of shaven hair for most of our male clients.
However some men, and almost all of our female clients prefer to use SMP in conjunction with a longer hair length. This reduces the contrast in color between the hair and the scalp, creating an illusion of fullness and density.

Our Services

SMP For Men

Going bald is a big deal for many men, and most don’t want the feeling of growing old before their time. A great SMP treatment, professionally executed by Scalp And Brows NJ, takes years off your appearance and restores you to your original, confident self.
Performed over 2-4 treatment sessions, each lasting around 2-3 hours, we place thousands of tiny pigment deposits into the upper dermis of your scalp. Using advanced hairline design and blending techniques, the resulting style is flawless and virtually undetectable.
After your initial sessions are complete, top-up treatments are required every 3-5 years to keep your style looking fresh and natural.

SMP For Women

Our female clients also experience hair loss, but for different reasons. Common causes of thinning hair in women include hormonal changes, postpartum hair loss following childbirth, alopecia and hair shedding relating to medication, for example chemotherapy.

The application of scalp micropigmentation for women reduces the visibility of the scalp by reducing contrast with the hair. This creates an ultra-natural and undetectable look where the hair appears denser and fuller. Removing the anxiety of hair loss is important to many women, and SMP at Scalp And Brows NJ is the perfect remedy to this very common problem.

SMP For Hair Transplant Scar Camouflage

This service is specific for clients wanting to cover scars from hair transplants or any other trauma to their scalp. This service can be done by itself or along with the other two types of smp.

Our scar camouflage technique works to reduce the contrast of the scar tissue with surrounding skin and hair. Sometimes the client is required to keep their hair shaved for the best level of concealment, but sometimes, as in this example, it is possible to maintain the hair at a longer length. Depending on the extent and type of scarring, a camouflage of up to 90% is possible in some cases.

SMP For Hair Density

This service and SMP technique is available to both men and women. Most people will suffer from hair thinning at some point in their life and this technique is a great way to conceal those thinning areas.

Scalp And Brows NJ experts will work through the hair with the SMP pigment that will recreate some of that density to eliminate the contrast between the bare scalp and hair. By implanting a series of tiny dots to represent the impression of hair follicles throughout the existing hairline, they will ultimately create an underlying shading effect as they work through your hair, section by section.

What We Offer

Our clients at Scalp And Brows NJ expect nothing but the highest standards.

We are fully licensed, insured and trained, not only in the required techniques but also in infection control and bloodborne pathogens. We take our clients safety very seriously, and are always at the forefront of education in this important area.

Our clinic space in Totowa NJ is comfortable and welcoming, and provides clients with a pleasurable and relaxing environment within which to complete their procedure.

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